Kian Saze Company


Kian Saze Company-Madarshahi Industrial Group

Designer and manufacturer of boilers, thermal oil boilers, industrial water, boiler room equipment, tanks and pressure vessels, de - aerator, water softener, coils of resources, sand filter, pool equipment and industrial autoclaves to produce concrete plates Standard Iran

Consulting, sales and installation A variety of sandwich panels ceiling, wall and roof panels across the iran and neighboring countries


Water and wastewater treatment-Conex With different functions-

Freon and ammonia refrigeration and fixed-

Heating and cooling installations, dry walls

Facilities, pool, sauna, jacuzzi

Facilities, warehouses, factories, hospitals

Sound insulation and heat-insulation]

Nano technology

Clean room- Laboratory equipment

Residential and prefabricated house - room calibration

Lubricant & Metalworking-floor concrete constructions, epoxy

Buy Heblex, concrete foam blocks and blocks light


With over 16 years of experience 


Tell: +985138482112

Fax: +985138481369

 Mobile: +989121316119  <>  +989153105716

Manager :DR.Alireza Madarshahi

Kian Sazeh Central Office Address :Unit 5-class 4-Salman tower- rahnamaee street-Mashhad-IRAN


Residential conex Address:5kilometer of Asian highway- in front of the azadi 139- inside of Adonis Board-Mashhad-IRAN


unit trailer Address: block 11-piece 14-KarAfarin street- Toroq industrial town entrepreneurs-MASHHAD-IRAN


representative Mammut industrial Group Address: between the intersection of Lashkar and Bisim (Bahar Street) -Mammut building-Mashhad-Iran


 A number of projects under the sandwich panels and conex as follows

1. International Exhibition Mashhad Ferdowsi Hall

2. Iran Khodro Khorasan-paint shop and a number of other venues

3. ASEAN co-Flour flour Binalud Razavi

4. concrete Perrin

5. ceiling and walls Builders

6- top sports sites, Semnan gas

7. The roof and walls of the enterprise Vnanykv-Turkmenbashi (cross Navvs) Turkmenistan

8_ Culture House KHAVARAN Tehran-company Vazan

9. Mashhad Urban Railway-ceiling hall-hall-Vakil Abad Boulevard beginning of the end of the spinning hall]

Astan Quds Razavi Times Square Rzvy_ 10--print repositories, beginning Fern Road

11. milk powder industry Mashhad

12- pegah milk factory roof and wall

13. Chitoz chips factory-dinatoos company (Mashhad, Urmia, Bandar Abbas)

14- Company ABA taste QuickBooks (Nazarabad Hashtgerd)

15_ Stock Gvgrdslvyh-Rah Sahel-Anbiya

Nissan 16_ East (Pepsi) _ Industrial Birch  Mashhad

17_Mham East-electric stations across the country

18_ refinery Hasheminejad Airport (multiple roofs) - Steel Ghaenat

19_ group plants rubber part (Industrial Park Tvs_ Chnaran_ town Khayyam)

20_Frvshgahhay Zadshahd_ (Mashhad and Isfahan)

21_ safety room and lounge pilgrims Mashhad airport

22_ project Mashhad Taban Air

23_ Azad University Qeshm Mshhd_ anymore and Birjand

24. All sales of the sanitary containers Cooperation Organization, Mashhad Municipality Mammoth - Mammoth selling all of the Bus Shelter Mashhad

25. Residential lot sales to Disaster Khorasan Razavi

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